TATTOOSMITH, Snohomish County’s premier custom tattoo and piercing parlor located in the charming Pinehurst neighborhood of Everett, WA. Opened in 2011 by Mike ‘Kodiak’ MacKenzie committed to providing a niche service to a saturated and mundane industry in the form of custom and original tattoos. Versatile in tattooing styles ranging from fine-line script, smooth black and grey shading, to bold American traditional, “Kodiak” brings a keen and experienced eye to the drawing board, creating and bringing life to your visions of the ultimate tattoo.

In 2016, Tattoosmith merged with Frankie Fingers of Dark Arts Piercing to provide an additional avenue of self-expression and personal adornment to our clients. We are now able to offer the classic duo of tattoo & piercing under one roof! Frankie Fingers offers full service body piercing including micro-dermal anchors, stretching, and custom jewelry fitment. Additionally, Frankie can assist and consult on fresh, healed and stretched piercings.

As a two person operation we are able to work with you directly; artist to client, creating a more personal and positive experience. Our business hours may fluctuate, please be sure to call ahead to schedule your appointment!